Conservatory Without Walls

Cancellation policy:

Conservatory Without Walls
All missed lessons are paid for with the
following exceptions:

  • Religious and legal holidays

  • Summer vacations by pre-arrangement
    with your teacher

Opportunities for makeup lessons will be given at the convenience of the teacher provided that the teacher has been notified of the cancellation. The teacher may reschedule a missed lesson or spend extra time during a given lesson until the time has been made up.

Same day cancellations:

Lessons that are cancelled on the same day for which they were scheduled are required to be paid for but are not necessarily made up.
Make up lessons under these circumstances will be left to the discretion of the teacher.

Student not home for scheduled lesson:

If a student is not home for a lesson which has been scheduled and there has been no notification of the cancellation to the teacher, the lesson must be paid for and the teacher is not required to make up the lesson.

If you have any questions concerning our cancellation policy, please call the Conservatory at 856-778-9432.

You may contact us or call your teacher to cancel a lesson.

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