How does one define talent?

I believe that everyone who aspires to, should be given the opportunity to explore or develop their musical or artistic potential. I do not believe that the word “talent” is easily definable. Too often, hidden potential or “talent” goes undetected.

Many times a student’s musical abilities are not easily discernable or apparent in a given context. Frequently a teacher’s judgment may not be perceptive or insightful and an inappropriate or negative opinion by the teacher can result in depriving a potential talent from reaching fruition.

In my many years of teaching I had come across numerous students having been told by their previous teachers, not to continue pursuing music because they had no Talent. This is a form of negative labeling that in many situations stifles achievement or the opportunity to discover ones musical potential.

Sometimes talent is too arcane or obscure for a teacher or any other individual to determine by a cursory judgment. A student must have many factors in place for artistic potential to reveal itself or be achieved.

During my teaching years I have had the opportunity to work with many such students and had the deep satisfaction of discovering much talent. I’ve witnessed many of those students go on to have very successful careers in music, and with some going on to win soloist competitions or receiving prestigious awards for their accomplishments.

Sometimes more perseverance or patience is what is needed to succeed; or exploring a different approach. The chemistry between a student and teacher must be correct.

An event or musical experience can serve as a catalyst to spark incentive. Sometimes, just time itself can reveal a great talent.

There is a world to discover in music.

Anthony Casario

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